The primary goal of the course is to familiarize students with the basic tenants, institutes and the functioning of business law in the modern business environment. Special emphasis will be placed on the law of business organizations, and the goal of the course is to ensure that students, upon successful completion, are able to identify types of business organizations, reasons for choosing certain types of business organizations over others in appropriate circumstances, characteristics of individual organizations, make informed decisions when it comes to the legal process of forming business organizations, running them, working within the framework of existing and future business regulation, understand and use organizational and financial structure of business organizations, be able to protect the interests of subjects involved, understand statutory changes as well as certain aspects of business contracts, dispute resolution. The successful student should be able to understand basic business law tenants, form opinions and be able to effectively argument such opinions. The student should know where to look for advice regarding the more advanced business law dilemmas and to recognize where professional assistance is needed and be able to use such professional assistance effectively. The student should be able to make informed and legally sound decisions in standard business law situations.